Frank Korf

Computer Programmer

Web Developer

I concentrate on creating experiences instead of web pages. Leveraging languages like PHP, CSS, and Javascript with frameworks like WordPress, Laravel, Bootstrap, React and Angular, I solve specific problems while balancing form and function. Every effective web page is created with a specific purpose and message in mind. My objective is to communicate that message as clearly and simply as possible.

Beef Shack

WordPress website for the Beef Shack restaurant chain

Mike & Joe

WordPress website for the band Mike and Joe

G5 Marine

WordPress website for a boat manufacturer

“Playfully doing something difficult, whether useful or not, that is hacking.”
– Richard Stallman

App Developer

In the seventh grade, I programmed Pac-Man on a TI-85 graphing calculator. Since then my passion for developing fun and interesting applications has spiraled out of control.

My experience ranges over 20 years and spans multiple languages and platforms ranging from OpenGL to GLSL, from ASM to C++ to Swift. My diverse background, coupled with my love of solving unique and difficult problems, makes me uniquely qualified to anticipate problems, adapt to challenges, and develop quality software.

enemy attack

Original NES game written in 6502 Assembly

Visual Artist

Art is about pushing myself. It is about aggressively challenging myself to create something amazing. For me, visual art is the alchemy of turning inspiration and excitement into tangible works to be shared with others.
In a steady effort to grow as an artist, I constantly experiment with different styles, different techniques, and different mediums.

My goal as a developer is to work with talented, excited people on projects that they are passionate about. I focus on solving problems to create real value. As a result, any personal success comes from mutual success with clients, colleagues, and coworkers.